To us, Motivus means movement. This means passing down knowledge and values. It means being prepared for change, and planning for continuity as we serve your family.

Wealth is a generational journey.

Your choices can have a positive impact now, later, and even beyond your lifetime.


Early Career

We lead young professionals toward a lifetime of financial security, opportunity, and personal fulfillment.


Growing Years

Whether you are advancing your career, a family, or both, there are many financial decisions to consider and they are unique for everyone. We can help you prioritize. 



Redefine and align your priorities for life after work. We’ll help you navigate how and when to retire.


Wealth Transfer and Legacy

We help intergenerational families expand their perspectives and plan for the future, transferring their knowledge and wisdom along the way.

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We practice generational planning.

Your growth and well-being are connected to the growth and well-being of others. Don’t wait another day—think ahead to help you live now.

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