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At Motivus Wealth Management, we’ll help you embrace the present and face the future.

An Origin Story



It’s true, none of us have forever. But we do have now. Get ahead of the big questions.


Are your values and resources aligned?

Many people live in misalignment, putting their resources into things that they only care about a little. We want to get you aligned, with resources flowing to what you love.


Are you thinking big enough?

What you imagine for your own life will impact generations to come. Your Motivus advisor will help you believe in big possibilities and hold you accountable to them, too.

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We’ll take good care of you and the people you take care of.

And we’re prepared to serve your family for years to come.

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A bit of education, setting the right expectations, and a good plan can save a lot of difficulties down the line.

These are the beliefs that have shaped our approach.


Wealth is the tool, not the goal.

Use it to live the life you want while supporting your goals.


Realistic expectations are the best path to walk.

We’ll help lead you forward, by planning for your dreams and smoother transitions.


Open and honest communication always wins.

We can spearhead difficult and complex family conversations—it can be uncomfortable but you won’t regret it.

Our Story

Remarkable teams can make remarkable journeys.

Together, we’ve navigated good times and bad. The lessons we learned strengthened our bond, and now we can use them to empower others.

We are interwoven in the fabric of our client’s lives and dedicated to serving you and future generations.

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